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People, just like you, affected by this unprecedented time have requested I open my Alchemist Mentoring Program to guide, mentor, and hold them accountable during these times. I wanted to make a place for you to get the help, guidance and assistance you need to make sure this set back doesn’t leave you and your family set back.
This Alchemist Mentoring Program will be to get you through this and to the other side better, faster and more confident. 

only $1,197 for a lifetime of knowledge.

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Benefits of Coaching

Clarify your steps

To be successful in anything, you must do the right things in the right way. We'll help you to identify your steps for success.

Expert Guidance

Alongside Gualter you will have access to celebrity coaches who guide you in various areas, from mindset, to investing, financial advice, etc.

Keeps You Accountable

To make sure you reach your goals, we check in with each other weekly and strategize with you to solve problems you're facing.

Saves you time and effort

We'll help you get rid of all the clutter of information and reduce mistakes along your journey. It's possible to be successful on your own, but it's much more quicker and efficient with help.

Network your way to a higher NET-WORTH!

What you'll get

8 Weeks of Coaching Calls with Celebrity Coaches

You get one 1-on-1 session with Terry Wager along with 8 weeks of group coaching with Gualter and other celebrity coaches.

​Exclusive "Member's Only" Networking Community

When you join, you are a member for life. You will have the opportunity to meet and network a host of professionals both in-person and online.

Weekly Targets, Assignments & Accountability

We make sure you know all that you need to in order to be successful in your business and investments. You even get a free net-worth tracker to keep you on track with your goals.

Exclusive Access to Celebrity Coaches

You get access to free 1-hr sessions with our 10 celebrity coaches who help you in the areas of mindset, financial advising, business and more.

Get 8 Weeks Access To Alchemist University For FREE!

In this course, you learn how to get your mindset right for success, grow your brand, find investment deals, network with investors, and so much more.

Personality Assessments and Evaluations

This powerful tool helps you understand more about yourself and how you interact with others. This insight is key to maximizing your strengths and natural talents.

Extend To Free Year Of Alchemist University ($1,188 Value) - FREE
2 Tickets to 3 Day 100 Millionaires Summit In Orlando, FL Oct 22-24, 2021 ($2,997 Value)
The 100 Millionaires Summit was created for Motivated Entrepreneurs, real estate investors, advancing, sales professionals, business owners, and future millionaires who seek to become the leaders and industry disrupters in this age of innovation and evolution.

The leading group of business owners and entrepreneurs – the shapers of their own destiny.

They don’t pass blame; and they understand the importance of personal action and responsibility. They are aware of their power to transform the world around them to advance themselves and communities. So they step into that power everyday, through intense gratitude, deep faith, and magnetic energy!

100 Millionaires Summit is the movement of building 100 future millionaires who then build 100 millionaires more.

100 Millionaires Summit will bring the highly rated experts in the fields to share the information and strategies of tomorrow with you for three days of breakthroughs, passion discovery, actions steps, mind banding experience, sophisticated money blue-print to instantly implement in your life.

All of The 100 Millionaire Summit Speakers are highly vetted and hand-selected by Gualter Amarelo personally. They are required to have a millionaire status and background in both the education AND implementation of the strategies that they will present.
  •  Includes 2 Tickets (For You and Your Guest) - General Admission
  • Build Your Team, Bring Your Tribe to 100 Millionaires Summit
  • Stand Out and Lead Others by Representing the Mission
Access 52 Weeks of Wealth Webinar ($97 Value) - FREE


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If you follow all our steps and are not pleased with our program, 
just let us know within 30 days of purchase and

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Created with you in mind.



Not to get negative, but the average person is going to get financially destroyed by this massive setback. The wealthy will take a hit but they will be the first back because they know how to pivot.

This is your opportunity to pivot and become something more.

I will be sharing with you exact and precise specific strategies and actions I am using to ensure you’ll get through this and be bigger, better and more prosperous with a new life of abundance—regardless of the environment. The time to take advantage of this is NOW. We meet every Monday night but I want to get you some things to get started now…

Don’t miss out on this opportunity thinking that you’re just going to get through this recession by yourself. The fact is, nobody who succeeds big ever does so by being a lone-ranger; not Bill Gates, Warren, Oprah, and Elon.

You will not make it through this alone and be better off. We ALL need a network of friends who can support us when times are tough.
I promise you I am here for you.

The only question is, are you ready? 

Join the 100 Millionaires Club Today!

only $1,197 or 3 monthly payments of $469.